Here you can find all information about the OpenSTEF community.

Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is responsible for:

General ambitions, objectives and goals of this project Guidelines and procedures and tool selection Architectural and (development) infrastructure choices Raise subjects/issues that are important for the direction/development of this project The Technical Steering Committee consists of the following members:

  • Frank Kreuwel

  • Jan Maarten van Doorn

  • Jonas van den Bogaard

  • Frederik Stoel

  • Jonita Ruiter

More information, meeting notes and meeting links can be found here:

More information on project governance can be found here.


An actual overview of the openSTEF roadmap can be found here.


OpenSTEF welcomes contributions in all forms!

For contributing in code have a look at the contributing guidelines.

If you found a bug or would like to request a feature please open an issue here

During the four-weekly community meetings we discuss progress, refine open issues and explore collaboration possibilities. This meeting is open for anyone that is interested, more details and meeting links can be found here


Can’t find what you are looking for? See possibilities for getting community Support here. Or post your question in the OpenSTEF teams channel.